The Commercial Association of Alexandroupolis

Summary of the CAA

The Primary Professional Organization under the name of the COMMERCIAL ASSOCIATION OF ALEXANDRUPOLIS (CAA) was founded and recognized in 1946 and has its headquarters in Alexandroupolis.

The aim of the NSA is to develop and spread the trade union spirit to more and more members, to unite them under the umbrella of the Organization both massively and sectorally in the form of advisory sectoral sections. The systematic and scientific study, search, monitoring, promotion and resolution of every issue concerning entrepreneurship and, above all, the preservation, promotion and development as well as the social, professional and moral elevation of entrepreneurship, always in the context of the free economy, private initiative and the general national and social interest.

A priority for the Administration is the continuous strengthening of the competitive identity of Alexandroupolis within a long process of evolution of the urban environment where commercial and business activity is concentrated and developed.